Today we are releasing DotNetBar for Silverlight 2.1 with Backstage Application Menu and Quick Access Toolbar for our Ribbon. We also added completely new Toolbar control with horizontal and vertical layout and overflow support.

Here is screen-shot of Backstage Application Menu (click for full sized image):

Here is screen-shot of Quick Access Toolbar for Ribbon:

Here is screen-shot of new Toolbar control:

You can see how all controls work and look like in our online Live-Demo.

Fully functional trial version is also available. Click-here to download. And if you already have license head over to Customer Only web site and download latest build.

Please let me know what you need and how you like these new features.


I am happy to announce that we just released new version of DotNetBar for WinForms 9.1 with all new Micro-Chart components. Micro-Charts are designed as a super fast charts able to draw over 2000 new charts per second, that can be added to menus, toolbars, the ribbon or any of our other BaseItem container control.

They are used to provide fast, context based and data rich information in small amount of space but they are not designed to replace standard charts. Here is screen-shot from Micro-Charts sample project included with latest build which shows Micro-Charts on Ribbon:

There are 8 Micro-Chart styles included and you can customize their colors, mark high/low points, start and end points, show average lines, etc. Here is image which shows all chart types:

By default data point hot-tracking is enabled so when you move the mouse over the chart you can see the value under the mouse:

Image above also shows the high point (green) and low point (red) marked with dots.

I also really like the chart transition animation we included. I think it adds a lot to how visually pleasing the chart transitions are. Here is image that shows chart changing as different chart data is set:

Nice thing is that you don’t have to do anything extra to have this functionality. Its built-in and completely automatic and you can turn it off too 🙂

You can also add Micro-Charts to our amazing AdvTree control like this:

If you have current DotNetBar license download latest release on Customer Only web site. Fully functional trial version is also available. We are working on even more exciting features that I can’t wait to share with you….  After they are fully baked that is :-) Let me know what else you need from DotNetBar. Metro.


If you are not using an Solid State, SSD drive on your development machine, I can only recommend you give it a try. In hurry. They are shock proof, super fast (well most of them are), light and have low energy consumption.

I’ve been using an SSD for last 2 years and we have given SSD drives to our developers as well. SSD drive is the best performance improvement for the money you can buy today. Especially with VS.NET which is known to be disk intensive app. How fast it can be? My VS.NET 2010 starts up fully in about 3-4 seconds and that is with all add-ins.

One thing about SSD drives though is that you should keep an eye on their health. There are only so many times that flash memory can be written to so it does have limited life-span. Even all flash cells do not have the same endurance within the same chip.

SSD lifespan is quantified by number of erase/program cycles a cell block can go through before it is unusable and generally that is 10,000 cycles for MLC flash and about 100,000 cycles for SLC. Good luck with knowing where your drive falls on this scale. SSD OEMs also represent this with rule of thumb figure which says that you can write 20gb per day, every single day, for 5 years.

That is still not good enough for me so I was happy to find utility that puts little more actionable data on this. SSDlife which has free and paid version gives info on how many times your drive has been powered on, written to, what its health and S.M.A.R.T. status is, and even give you an estimated lifespan of the drive.

If you are looking into getting SSD drive I recommend staying away from cheap ones. Go for Intel X25-M , Corsair Performance series and Crucial SSD. Also look for drive which supports TRIM.


So while all the bruh-ha-ha about Silverlight was going on we kept on improving our Silverlight controls 🙂 So today we released new build of DotNetBar for Silverlight with Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar support. This is how that looks like:

Notice the row of buttons above the File and Ribbon tabs. Now you can add any button from ribbon bars to QAT. Simply right-click button and choose add:

We also added number of fixes to our Calendar/Scheduler control and new dependency property so you can specify the initial date and time for calendar view display (property name is: InitialShowDateTime)

Fully functional trial version is also available. Click-here to download. And if you already have license head over to Customer Only web site and download latest build.

Please let me know what you need and how you like these new features.

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