You know that something better has been made when you try it and after that the “old new” starts to look outdated and feels like its gotten older quick over short period of time.

That’s how I felt about iPhone after using new Palm Pre for couple of weeks. While it is not perfect, it did made my iPhone look kind of old, industrial and UI not so cutting edge anymore.


And that is how you know that something new, better has been introduced. There was nothing wrong with iPhone and it did not feel this way before Palm Pre exposure, but after you get introduced to something better, when there is something equal or better to compare to, the perception changes.

iPhone is phenomenal device but I think it has now a worthy competitor. Dare I say king might be dethroned (at least in some areas)? And that is wonderful. Both will get better from it.

I think of Pre as iPhone 2.0

2.0 in sense that it is device that you would design if you used all knowledge you had designing 1.0 and build new one from scratch without constraints of legacy support. And in sense this is the case since lot of Apple engineers have been hired by Palm to design Pre.

I highlight one category that’s big for me. Pre beats iPhone by wide margin in messaging. The push simply works great. IMAP IDLE, ActiveSync Exchange and as many accounts as you want. Notification system is way better than iPhone.


On iPhone push email is afterthought (you can use only single Exchange account) so you have only one push account plus Mobile Me Apple service ($99 a year).  The notification system is a modal message box and you do not even get that on new emails. It was fine at beginning, but not anymore. It is crude.

Pre has multitasking and that works great. The application switching through cards is super intuitive.


User Interface is warm and inviting. Shape of device is softer, more approachable. Lot of small things are done right to make you feel at ease with device.

I had chance to play with new iPhone 3GS and while it is nice it is more of the same old, same old, and Palm at least for my usage scenario is much better fit.

Who would have thought this? When I started using Palm Pre I did not think it had chance, but after using it for couple of weeks it really changed my mind. Kudos to Palm. Bravo! Now get application store going, release SDK and fix the bugs quickly 🙂

But the point is you know that something new, something that you should pay attention to has happened when things don’t look the same after it. This happen after iPhone and is happening now with Palm Pre.


Do you hear yourself saying my code quality depends on time, if I had more time I would write better code? I heard developer say that other day…

Bullshit. It is an excuse. You should always write the best code you can. The quality of your code is not connected to the time you have. It is connected to love that you have for what you do. Time, has nothing to do with it.

If you write crappy code, you write crappy code because you choose to do so. You write crappy code because you are lazy. You write crappy code because you refuse to think clearly. Time, has nothing to do with it.

Don’t do that to yourself and ask why you are not happy with what you do. If you have no interest in bringing quality into this world find profession that inspires you to do so. You’ll be happier.

You fit quality into time that you have. If that is 50% of features that need to be implemented then that is what it is. But crappy code gets you nowhere.


TweetPow Twitter Client Released

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention it in my previous post, we also released DotNetBar showcase application TweetPow.

TweetPow is an free, easy to use, non-intrusive Twitter client developed using DotNetBar for Windows Forms. I got tired from seeing all Twitter clients developed in WPF and Adobe Air so here is great looking Twitter client developed using trusted WinForms technology powered by DotNetBar. Here is screen-shot of this little application:

So head over to TweetPow,

Look around and say WOW,

DotNetBar is hotter than sun,

Today I am buying me one!

Download it and let people know about it. This is one of the easiest to use and best looking Twitter clients for Windows. And its free…


Hi Everyone,

We just released DotNetBar for Windows Forms 8.0 with all new, from scratch built, Advanced Property Grid Control in Office 2007 style. Many of you asked for it so here it is.

Advanced Property Grid is designed from ground up to allow you to customize appearance of properties as well as customize editors, values and property names as they appear in property grid all without modifying underlining object. With standard PropertyGrid you have to inherit the object you assign to the property grid and then override and decorate properties with attributes to change any behavior. With Advanced Property Grid you do not have to do any of that. We provide handy events and settings that you can use to do all customization without using inheritance. You can still do it using inheritance but now you have choice.

You can also customize appearance of every single property in the grid including colors, fonts etc. You can map property values so for example true/false value is displayed as Yes/No as in screen-shot below:

Some of the Advanced Property Grid control features:

  • Office 2007 Styling
  • Easily customize property appearance in grid
  • Property value validation
  • Property value mapping, so you can easily change the textual value of properties displayed in grid
  • Display property description as either Super-Tooltip or in help panel
  • Customize property grid toolbar
  • Search for properties using Quick Search
  • Multiple objects support
  • Easy localization support

You can read more about Advanced Property Grid here.

If you already own DotNetBar license and have active subscription head over to Customer Only web site and grab latest release. If you don’t own DotNetBar license, now it is time to try it out. Fully functional trial is here.

We are already working and planning next release… Join us on forums and suggest what you want to see new and improved. Thank you for using DotNetBar!


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