New release of DotNetBar for WPF 5.1 is out with over 25 new features and enhancements. Highlight of this release is often asked for multi-user, multi-calendar support for Wpf-Schedule control. Here is screen-shot of 3 users displayed on the calendar:

New Features included in 5.1 release:

  • Easy to use multi-user support through single property setting (Owner)
  • 12 predefined calendar color schemes for multi-user support
  • Custom style per appointment support added using Appointment.StyleResourceName
  • Free-text entry support for double and integer input controls
  • Much more…

DotNetBar for WPF 5.1 includes 12 controls that help you create professional WPF Applications with ease.

If you already have DotNetBar for WPF head over to Customer Only web site to download latest bits.

Download fully functional trial version at

Thank you for using DotNetBar for WPF. Feel free to contact me at any time with your suggestions and questions.


Really? No, not really. But for some reason companies are still doing it. How stupid is that? They reward trust people place in them by treating them as garbage cans. When I see this I see business that has run out of ideas.

I don’t care about template email from CTO “thanking me” for buying. It is meaningless. If you care, send personal note not stupid template.

And I don’t care about those little stupid tips, little “nuggets” of wisdom, that get sent every single day to my inbox. Let me break it to you, those nuggets are stinking turds. Put all your tips on your web site and people will find them, when and if they need them.

There is this notion in marketing circles that you must “touch” your customers every single day/week to keep them aware of you and you will supposedly sell more. You are supposed to” nudge” them into the buying decision. The only cliff you are going to nudge them off is the one of sanity.

And if someone downloads your trial version you are supposed to email him every week for eternity until he buys and then thank him by increasing email frequency to every day. Just so, you know, you stay in touch.

Bullturd! This is same fallacy as long sales copy. You know those sales letters that are so long as if they were written so they can fit on role of toilet paper. Because that’s what those long sales pitches are only good for. Use in toilet.

I don’t want to hear from any business every day. I don’t want to hear from any business every single week.

And these marketing tactics will not generate more sales, same way those deep discounts won’t. They will hurt long term sales. Companies that do this are out of ideas.

What happened to notion of making the products better? What happened to notion of polishing and adding useful features? Or listening to your customers? That will generate more sales and more goodwill than sending meaningless emails every single day.

Now, I am not against contacting your customer base. If you have permission you should. But you contact your customers with news that are valuable to them. I want to hear about significant new features that you added to the product. That is valuable to me. I don’t want to hear about that every day or every week because you can’t develop and test them that fast… Keep those things for your blog and Tweeter.

But knowing what is new in product, knowing that you are improving it, now that is valuable. Template message from CTO and daily turd nuggets, not really.

Let your products stand on their own merit. People are smart to evaluate products on their own and they don’t need daily emails to submit them into buying. Actually they hate it. If product is good, valuable and useful people will buy it. It is really as simple as that…

You probably guessed it… I bought some software recently 🙂


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