Over 60 new features and enhancements mark the release of DotNetBar 6.5 that we just posted today. As a biggest new feature in this release I would like to highlight the ListViewEx control which is Office 2007 style list view with scrollbars that replace the dull old ones, nice column headers and other styles in Office 2007 look and feel.

Best of all, you do not need to re-write any code to convert your existing ListView controls since ListViewEx inherits from standard ListView so all API is the same. Just instantiate ListViewEx instead of ListView and it is out with the old and in with the new. Here is screenshot of the ListViewEx sample that is included with DotNetBar 6.5:

You can download latest version here: http://www.devcomponents.com/dotnetbar/

Complete release notes are included in help file as usual.

DotNetBar now includes 29 controls that will make your user interface look and feel professional.

Stay tuned, there is more where this came from 😉


Books Online and Knowledge Base

We just started our new service for you at: http://www.livekb.com which provides you with the online books and knowledge base for both DotNetBar and Wpf-Ribbon. DotNetBar knowledge base and books online has lot of content that I am sure you will find very valuable. Enjoy.


Wpf-Ribbon beta build has just been published. Grab it while its hot


There are lot of small new features in this release and number of bug fixes. Notably the complete Office 2007 style KeyTips support has been added to the control.


Wpf-Ribbon in public beta

Wpf-Ribbon reached another very important milestone today and entered the public beta testing. There are no major issues in the release that we posted today and it should work just fine for you.

To get the access to the latest bits go to our Beta Forums and apply for access. There you will be able to download latest build at any time and post your questions, suggestions and bugs.

See you there 🙂


It was about time, I really could not hold it any longer… Back in 2005 (I had to double check this since it really seems long time ago) we released the world’s first Windows Forms Ribbon Control as part of DotNetBar Suite. We were way ahead of time back then and even today our Ribbon control is really the best if you want to add Office 2007 style User Interface to your application. The depth and functionality is simply unmatched.

Today we are releasing to our private group of testers the world’s first Windows Presentation Foundation Office 2007 style Ribbon Control that we somewhat obviously 🙂 decided to call Wpf-Ribbon â„¢ It is result of many months of research and study of WPF internals and architecture and our experience developing and supporting our world’s first windows forms ribbon control. Wpf-Ribbon is really an fantastic control!

Wpf-Ribbon Sample Screenshot

What it is?
This is our new product and it is an fully featured Office 2007 Style Ribbon Control written from ground up for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Let me repeat that, there is zero GDI+ code there 🙂 and 100% WPF. All styling richness and content flexibility provided by WPF is yours. If you want to create professional business applications using WPF then this is control for you. Be sure to sign up to be notified once we have public release available (more on that below).

Wpf-Ribbon â„¢ will also support complete Office 2007 UI Design Guidelines.

When it will be available?
If you have license for any of our products you can get access to the beta release now. See our Customer Only Wpf-Ribbon forum for details. Public release is planned shortly. Take a look at somewhat small but expanding Wpf-Ribbonâ„¢ web site where you can subscribe to be notified when public release is made available for download. I will also announce it here as well.

Why did we not release it to you right away you might ask? Well, this is a beta software and we want to first fix any show stopping bugs before unleashing this fantastic product.

Note that Wpf-Ribbonâ„¢ is completely new product and is not part of DotNetBar Suite. It will receive though the same royal treatment 🙂

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at db @ devcomponents.com and I will do my best to help.


DotNetBar adds lot of small improvements in this release like RibbonPanel control with drop-shadow support that help you create nice looking client areas for the Ribbon control. We also added the text-markup support for the Ribbon title bar, check out RibbonPad sample for details.

TreeGX also received number of small improvements and has also been strongly signed on request of couple of our customers.


Great WPF Applications

Tim Sneath Microsoft evangelist is presenting great WPF applications lately and one of them is 90 Degree Radius Report which uses DotNetBar, very cool. Check out other applications profiled by Tim (scroll down for all coverage).


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