Today we released DotNetBar 5.7 with updated Office 2007 style Ribbon Control and
other goodies :-). Now we include total of 19 components with DotNetBar

I am sure that they will help you refresh your user interface in no time. In
addition to that with DotNetBar you really get latest user interface technology before
anyone else. You better believe it! 🙂

Ribbon Control has been brought in-line with the latest Office 2007 style and we include
now both Blue and Black color schemes.

We also included all new ButtonX
. ButtonX is stand-alone button control with the built-in support
for drop-down menus, Office 2007 , Office 2003 and VS.NET 2005 styles. Shortcut support
and accelerator key support is also built-in. It is dead-easy to use and it looks
absolutely gorgeous.

Office 2007 Style Color picker is also a new item type that has been added. You can
add it to toolbars, menus, Ribbon bars etc. Not only does it provide you with
the drop-down to choose colors in Office 2007 style, but it also includes custom color
creation dialog where colors can be chosen from hexagon color picker or mixed on your

There are also number of other enhancements total of 25 of them. You can find release
notes in help file.

Download DotNetBar today
and give it a try. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions and/or comments.
They are welcomed and appreciated.

Stay tuned for more exciting stuff that I just can’t talk about…. yet… 🙂

Denis Basaric, DevComponents LLC.