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HelpKit Reviews and Awards

HelpKit has been reviewed by number of reviewers here are some of the critics it received:

WebAttack reviewed HelpKit and gave it highest possible rating 5 stars. January 2001.

ZDNet "Ease the burden of producing top-class documentation for your projects with HelpKit HTML Help Authoring Solution. This stylish, professional program will make a welcome addition for any Visual Basic or Visual Studio developer. Its visual HTML Help development environment includes a powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor and CSS editor, plus Word document import, a spelling checker, and automatic context ID management. In-built task management helps you to track your Help projects. Best of all, HelpKit integrates tightly with Visual Basic via a Visual Basic Assistant. The program looks good, and the included samples and documentation provide a practical example of the HelpKit's output." August 2000.

Yipee "Very good little program which allows you to create those help files which are so common with many applications. You can create both Contents and Index (the program will automatically create a Search function), and even insert scrolling text (marquee) or pictures into a page. This demo has complete functionality, but will only allow eight pages to be created. Very tidy interface, and of course an excellent help file." August 2000.