Professional Docking Control for WPF

Wpf-Dock is world's first Windows Presentation Foundation docking control with Office 2013, 2010 and 2007 style developed from ground up to take advantage of new presentation layer.

We designed Wpf-Dock with simplicity in mind. We reduced number of classes you need to get familiar with to use the control and we carefully evaluated each property and method that is exposed on the control. Advanced docking layout engine we developed gets out your way and allows you to create very complex docking layout easily.

Here is just partial list of Wpf-Dock features:

  • Office 2013 style
  • Fully featured docking including Document docking
  • Easy document and docking window switching using Ctrl+Tab keys
  • Diamond docking guides for easy docking
  • Intelligent animation for docking transitions
  • Auto-hide capability
  • Save and Restore docking layout easily
  • Office 2010 style
  • Office 2007 Blue, Silver, Black styling included
  • Create unlimited custom color schemes based on single color and one of our predefined color tables
  • Right-To-Left (RTL) fully supported
  • XBAP support, use it in your Click-Once XBAP applications

WPF-Docking Control Screen-shots

DotNetBar WPF-Docking Control in Office 2013 Style

Here is screen-shot of Wpf-Dock Windows Switching that is invoked using Ctrl+Tab key combination:

Wpf-Docking Visual Studio.NET Windows Switching Feature

Here is screen-shot of our RibbonPad sample with Wpf-Dock control integrated with Wpf-Ribbon:

Wpf-Docking Control with Ribbon Control

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