Today we released DotNetBar for WPF 5.8 with Office 2010 Black color scheme:

Now DotNetBar for WPF supports all Office 2010 color schemes: Blue, Silver and Black. Here are couple of other improvements included:

  • Schedule control now provides ability to skip recurring appointment instances using AppointmentRecurrence.SkippedRecurrences collection
  • Schedule control allows working hours to be specified per owner and per specific date
  • Number of other bug fixes

DotNetBar for WPF 5.7 includes 18 controls that help you create professional WPF Applications with ease. You can download latest release from our Customer Only web site now or if you do not own a license give it a try 🙂 You might like it and we keep on top of any issues so you know we always got your back.

Professional looking applications made easy with DotNetBar for WinForms, Silverlight and WPF User Interface components. Click here to find out more.

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