Hi everyone,

We just released new DotNetBar for Windows Forms 8.5 with over 55 new features and enhancements. This release includes all new SuperTabControl with 6 visual styles and 16 per-tab color schemes.

Here are just some of the SuperTabControl features:

  • 6 tab control styles
  • 16 per-tab color schemes
  • DotNetBar light-weight UI controls can be added to tab-strip, think buttons with menus, check-boxes, etc.
  • Text-markup can be used on tabs
  • Top, bottom, left or right tab alignment
  • Horizontal or vertical text choice for left and right tab alignment
  • Close button on tabs or in tab control system box
  • User defined tab shapes

Here is screen-shot of Office 2010 Backstage style that is featured in this control:

Here is screen-shot of button with menu and check-box added to the tab-strip:

You can also fully customize tab shape:

When you download latest release make sure to check out advanced sample for SuperTabControl which shows many customization options and provides great “how-to” coding examples. This sample can be found in My Documents\DotNetBar WinForms Samples\SuperTabControlSample folder.

This release also includes following new features:

  • AdvTree control now allows end-user to re-order columns
  • AdvTree cells can now host our light-weight UI components derived from BaseItem through HostedItem property
  • Highlighter component now allows you to specify custom highlight colors
  • LabelItem and LabelX controls support vertical text orientation
  • GroupPanel control provides 5 pre-defined color themes
  • Office 2010 Application Button has Blue, Green, Orange, Magenta and Teal color schemes. Use ColorTable property to choose color scheme.
  • DotNetBar fully supports .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile
  • Numerous improvements to Schedule control
  • Text-markup supports zero-width entities &zwsp;

And this is just to name few. This is big release.

We are already working on next one so let us know what you need. Thank you for using our products.

If you have DotNetBar license download latest release on Customer Only web site. Fully functional trial version is also available.

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