One definition of insanity is trying exactly the same thing over and over again and expecting different result. Microsoft pioneered Tablet PC concept back in 2001, but form factor and input method failed to catch on. For Apple to be successful with their tablet, they had to try something different, or otherwise they’d be insane 🙂

So they tried something different. They took iPod touch, super-sized it, called it iPad and what followed was chorus of technology enthusiasts and casual users alike who have been unimpressed by what iPad is all without trying it. Even Bill Gates says that he is unimpressed since device does not have built-in physical keyboard…

I don’t know whether iPad will succeed or be second coming of Apple TV, but Apple is trying something different so all bets are off.

What I do know is that iPad is device that I would feel good about giving to my mother or grandmother to use and not worry about viruses, deleted files or them being intimidated by the device and not grasping how to use it. It does not need rebooting, has 10 hours battery life and is easy to use… There are lot of people that use computers just to surf the web and do email and will be delighted by iPad…

What’s interesting to me is that pundits got blinded by how device looks (like giant iPod touch) and how Apple positioned iPad in introduction, as device between phone and laptop. This strikes me as perfect misdirection. I see iPad as full fledged computer that can replace not only netbook and laptop for many, many people, but it can be their main machine. And there are over 100,000 applications that it can use. And you can connect bluetooth keyboard to it or use keyboard dock…

There is huge potential there, I can’t wait to see how it plays out. What do you think?

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