If you worked with me on a team you know about this rule. If you touch the code, you are also responsible for it. I am glad to see others sharing same view.

It is really about taking responsibility for the things we do as developers. If you inherit code from someone else, if you modify someone else’s code, you and you alone are responsible for it.

It is your responsibility to make sure it is in good shape, and it is your responsibility to ensure it works. If you inherit code that is big mess of spaghetti, it your responsibility to fix it. If you make changes to other developer’s code you are responsible for them. You don’t get to blame the other guy.

Now, you might say, by that rule it is best not do anything. Yes, you are right, that is if you want to be without job…

The goal is to improve something, even just a little bit every single day. The goal is to do something good today.

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