I am happy to announce that we released another major version of DotNetBar 6.2. It is packed with new goodies. Here is partial list of the new features:

  • Unique custom Office 2007 style color scheme generator which creates color scheme from single base color. This feature is unique to DotNetBar and it provides you with the ability to create almost any color scheme you want for Office 2007 style UI elements. See screenshots below for couple of examples.
  • Stand-alone Progress-bar control with Office 2007 style
  • Stand-alone Check-box and Radio-button control with Office 2007 style
  • Drop-in replacement for MessageBox.Show with Office 2007 style and text-markup support

DotNetBar web-site provides nice overview of all controls included with DotNetBar so be sure to check it out. With recent additions DotNetBar gives you total of 24 controls designed to help you create professional user interface with ease.

Here are couple of screen-shots from our RibbonPad sample where we applied custom color scheme generation. You can test this feature yourself by running RibbonPad sample and playing with the Custom scheme generator under Style menu.

DotNetBar RibbonPad sample with custom Office 2007 style color scheme

DotNetBar RibbonPad sample with custom Office 2007 style color scheme

Professional looking applications made easy with DotNetBar for WinForms, Silverlight and WPF User Interface components. Click here to find out more.

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