Hi Everyone,

We just released DotNetBar for Windows Forms 8.0 with all new, from scratch built, Advanced Property Grid Control in Office 2007 style. Many of you asked for it so here it is.

Advanced Property Grid is designed from ground up to allow you to customize appearance of properties as well as customize editors, values and property names as they appear in property grid all without modifying underlining object. With standard PropertyGrid you have to inherit the object you assign to the property grid and then override and decorate properties with attributes to change any behavior. With Advanced Property Grid you do not have to do any of that. We provide handy events and settings that you can use to do all customization without using inheritance. You can still do it using inheritance but now you have choice.

You can also customize appearance of every single property in the grid including colors, fonts etc. You can map property values so for example true/false value is displayed as Yes/No as in screen-shot below:

Some of the Advanced Property Grid control features:

  • Office 2007 Styling
  • Easily customize property appearance in grid
  • Property value validation
  • Property value mapping, so you can easily change the textual value of properties displayed in grid
  • Display property description as either Super-Tooltip or in help panel
  • Customize property grid toolbar
  • Search for properties using Quick Search
  • Multiple objects support
  • Easy localization support

You can read more about Advanced Property Grid here.

If you already own DotNetBar license and have active subscription head over to Customer Only web site and grab latest release. If you don’t own DotNetBar license, now it is time to try it out. Fully functional trial is here.

We are already working and planning next release… Join us on forums and suggest what you want to see new and improved. Thank you for using DotNetBar!

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